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In the Kilwa District in southeast Tanzania, NGO Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative (MCDI) works with local communities on responsible forest management. This offers new opportunities for local communities for work and income and also results in a decrease of illegal logging by which less fires occur and more forests become responsibly managed and preserved.


  • 186.839 ha in Tanzania
  • Impact on biodiversity, water, soil, CO2-storage and eco-tourism.
  • Term project: 25 to 50 year
  • Type of sponsorship: varying from one-time to yearly investments for a period of five years or longer.

Involved parties

  • Mpingo Development Conservation Initiative
  • Local communities
  • Beautiful Cups

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Unique project in Tanzania

Community management of forests in the Kilwa-district in Tanzania is a remarkable success story. Below you can read more about the unique features of this project.

Climate mitigation

Forest fires in the Kilwa District are the primary cause of forest loss. Since the fires are often caused by humans, a fire management strategy has been developed. By means of early controlled combustion techniques, the overall frequency of fires has been reduced. This has led to less tree mortality and increased secondary vegetation growth. As a result, the areas absorb more carbon from the atmosphere, which contributes to climate mitigation

Protection forest areas

Due to community forest management and the implementation of fire management strategies, more vegetation remains intact which promotes an increased stable habitat for biodiversity. These effects allow for increased protection of the forest areas on both the short and long term.

Improved standard of living

Community forest management reduces illegal logging. Local communities realise that responsible forest management yields more profit due to the sustainable use of the ecosystem services the forest provides and more access to markets. As a result, the population of various villages has become more prosperous, and a police post was built to improve security in the region.

Market parties take the lead

Beautiful Cups invests in Tropical forest


Abigail Wills of Mpingo: “Our partnership with FSC and Beautiful Cups helped us support Tanzanian communities and conserve their forests.” Beautiful Cups helps villages with planting trees, while FSC’s principles show communities how to manage their forests responsibly. “Properly forested areas are important as they provide protection for people and wildlife, and contribute to a better climate.”

Would you like to make a difference in the tropical forests of Tanzania?

Our cooperation with Mpingo Development & Conservation Initiative and Beautiful Cups is a great example of one of the many opportunties to provide both forests and local communities in Tanzania a sustainable future. Contact us via info@fsc.nl for the different possibilities!

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