Climateproof forest
Unie van bosgroepen

Within the program ‘Climateproof forest’, we work together with Unie van Bosgroepen on specific measures to enhance nature and boost experience in Dutch forests, as well as to store CO2 in the surrounding environment. This contributes to climate resilient forests, spread across the middle and south of the Netherlands.


  • 38.000 ha in the Netherlands
  • Impact on biodiversity, water, soil, CO2-storage and eco-tourism.
  • Term project: 25 to 50 year
  • Type of sponsorship: varying from one-time to yearly investments for a period of five years or longer.

Involved parties

  • Unie van Bosgroepen
  • FSC Nederland
  • VolkerWessels

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Climateproof forest

By taking smart measures, the forest can capture more CO2 and is better prepared for consequences of climate change. Below you can find more information about the different types of measurements.

Soil improvement

A robust, natural ecosystem can only function well on healthy soils. This forms the basis for healthy forest vegetation and nature reserves. However, many of our soils are acidified, too nutrient-rich due to precipitation of nitrogen from the air or lack important nutrients. By taking proper maesures, the soil can be restored.

Mixed and future-proof forests

In the forest, the manager can best choose an optimal variation in tree species. A varied biodiversity-rich forest is usually more resilient to disturbances, more beautiful and has a higher rate of biodiversity. By choosing to harvest targeted wood in the forest and at the same time continuously focus on (varied) rejuvenation, we are working on future-proof forests.

Hydrological measurements

Due to the current long periods of drought, hydrological (restoration) measures are increasingly necessary to counteract desiccation of forests or nature reserves, often in coordination with surrounding landowners, farmers and water boards.

Market parties take the lead

VolkerWessels invests in climateproof forests

VolkerWessels aims to climateproof 500 hectares of forests in the Netherlands in the coming two years. To that end the construction company has signed an agreement on Friday, September 27th 2019, with Unie van Bosgroepen and FSC Netherlands. Ultimately, VolkerWessels wants to use the wood derived from these forests in its construction projects.

Would you like to become involved in ‘Climateproof forestmanagement’ program?

Our cooperation with Unie van Bosgroepen and VolkerWessels is a great example of one of the many different opportunities to provide the Dutch forests with a future in changing times. Contact us via for the different possibilities!

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