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Across Mexico, 53 million hectares of forest are spread of which 1.2 million hectares are FSC certified. In addition, 60% of all the FSC certified forests are managed by local communities, the so-called comunidades. As a result, (responsible) management of forest is a community decision. For years already, FSC Mexico has been working closely with various comunidades to certify as many forests as possible and to link their FSC certified products to the market.



  • 1,2 million ha in Mexico
  • Impact on biodiversity, water, soil, CO2-storage and eco-tourism.
  • Term project: 25 to 50 years
  • Type of sponsorship: varying from one-time to yearly investments for a period of five years or longer.

Involved parties

  • FSC Mexico
  • Local communities
  • Local NGOs

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Unique projects in Mexico

The Mexican forests display a wealth of biodiversity and water. Below you can find more information about the different types of projects.

Forests and water

Next to wood supply, the forests provide other contributions (so-called ecosystem services) such as clean drinking water and opportunities for eco-tourism. Currently, opportunities to attract investments through verification of impacts by means of the Ecosystem Services Procedure are being discussed with various local communities and forest managers.

FSC-forests in the Oaxaca and Michoacan regions contain many natural water sources, which in some cases supply the entire community with water. Forest engineer Elias Santiago García (Comunidad Ixtlán) says: “Water is life. If we take good care of our forests, we will receive clean drinking water for generations. And we can just pick it up from the forest.”

Protection jaguar

The population of the jaguar in Mexico in 2018 consists of approximately 4,800. This implies an increase of 800 specimens compared to data derived in 2010. Biological monitoring is an important tool to better understand the dynamics of the jaguar population, which is essential for the conservation of this species. That’s what this project is about!

In the provinces of Quintana Roo and Campeche, the “Route of the Jaguar” (Ruta del Jaguar) has been identified as the territory where the jaguar is common and reproductive. Within this “Route of the Jaguar”, 6 communities work with FSC certified forests: Caoba, Petcacab, Noh Bec, 20 de Noviembre, Nuevo Becal and Tres Garantías. They have organised themselves into an alliance: La Selva Maya. These communities together manage approximately 67,220.19 hectares of FSC certified forest.

Pilot jaguar fund

Together with companies, the Mexican government and local NGOs, we want to invest in protecting and preserving the jaguar’s habitat by creating a fund to continue financing (jaguar-) community control of the areas.

We want to start a pilot together with the communities from La Selva Maya to protect and conserve this special animal. In addition, we also want to encourage surrounding non-FSC certified forests / communities with this fund to opt for FSC certification, in order to increase the responsible managed forest area in Mexico.

‘Water is life. When we take good care of our forests, we can receive clean drinking water for generations long. We can collect it straight from the forest’.

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