Enjoy a selection of unique FSC-projects with certified ES claims that guarantee maximised forest benefits for all, allowing your company or organization to expand your impact and share a reliable story with the world. Together we make it possible. 

Why FSC forests?

In times of growing complexities and challenges with regards to climate, bidiversity, clean drinking water and health, the relevance of responsible forest management becomes increasingly evident.

FSC is world’s most recognised intrument for sustainable forest management. It has over 25 years of experience and involves over 200 million hectares of forests. 

FSC certification ensures that important (ecosystem) services of forests such as the capture and storage of CO and biodiversity conservation are being maintained and restored. It also supports forest managers in creating healthier revenue models. This way, forests are being rewarded for their true value and remain intact for future generations.  

Companies increasingly understand the importance of responsible forest management and therefore invest in it. They thereby expand their positive impact and contribute to climate resilient forests. What role does your organisation want to play in preserving forests and their ecosystem services?

Project portfolio

FSC forest projects can be found globally. Please find below impressions of some of the projects for which we partner with companies. For a full portfolio of unique FSC-projects in the Netherlands and abroad, please contact our office at


As part of responsible forest management, we take measures in FSC-forests across the globe that ensure the maintenance, conservation and restoration of various forest ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration and biodiversity maintenance. With the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure (FSC-PRO-ES-30-006) we can demonstrate and verify that the (desired) impact is actually the result of the implemented measure. This allows FSC-certified projects to offer many extras:


Concrete figures and stories of specific projects far away or nearby, with impacts on carbon sequestration, water services, biodiversity, soil and eco-tourism.


Specific forest projects together with their positive impacts have been audited and verified by independent certifiers (through using the new FSC ES Procedure FSC-PRO-30-006) and therefore carry the FSC quality mark.


Through responsible forest management, forest ecosystems and the services these provide are being maintained. This ensures a solid contribution to the Global Goals and thereby to combating climate change.

‘Through contributing to climateproof forestmanagement we are involved with sustainable production of wood in the Netherlands as well as storage of carbon. Moreover, we contribute directly to a more healthy and sustainable living environment.’

Lars van der Meulen

Director CSR, VolkerWessels


FSC-certified forest projects provide the following impacts:


Forests play a significant role in regulating the earth’s climate by sequestrating CO on a large scale.

Soil maintenance

Responsible forest management ensures that healthy soils are maintained, which proves particularly important in times of (increasinly) irregular wet precipitation.


Forests are home to a vast amount of biodiversity including plant and animal species.


Forests provide various cultural services such as eco-tourism, which contribute to our health and wellbeing.


Forests are livelihoods to many local communities and provide an important source of income.

Water streams

Forest provide sufficient clean drinking water

Together we build a sustainable future

Our mission is to work with organisations and governments across the globe to safeguard more forests and the services they provide and to responsibly manage them.


Selected Projects

Succesful Matches

be part of the solution

Would you like to expand your positive impact and contribute to Forests for All Forever by investing in one of our projects? We can help you with selecting a forest project as well as bringing the story to a wider audience!


We can help you finding the right forest. We hereby take into account preferences regarding locations close or further away, for example in the Tropics. Other factors that we consider are the type of forest and impacts that best match your organisation and target audience. You will have full access to our wide network of special forest projects around the globe. Do reach out for more information.


Once a match is being created, we can help you to further promote the project from promotional materials to a communication strategy and the promotion of your forest project amongst our network. As we say, the more attention to forests, the better! We may also provide you access to our broad network of partners in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Contact us for the possibilities.


FSC - Investeer in bos - VolkerWessels
FSC - Investeer in bos - Inproba
FSC - Investeer in bos - KWS
FSC - Investeer in bos - Beautiful Cups

‘Through the process of expanding Beautiful Cups in Europe, more space could be created to support a new rainforest project and a local NGO. Together with FSC, we made a choice for NGO Mpingo (MCDI) in Tanzania. Mpingo supports 40 local villages in Tanzania with responsible forest management. Right now, Beautiful Cups helps these villages with afforestation and herewith contributes to new chances for both the forest and local communities.’

Robert Wolff

CEO, Beautiful Cups

Let’s do something great together!

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